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Thom Bliss may have trouble finding his little rabbit, Trixie, but he'll have no trouble amazing and amusing you and your guests.Thom Bliss is Southern California's Family Entertainer.
This guide to planning parties is by Southern California's family entertainer Thom Bliss. The party planning guide is based on his years of experience performing at children's birthday parties, kids birthday parties, adult birthday parties, Christmas, Halloween and other holiday parties. He has also drawn on the experiences of other magicians, clowns, comedians, and other performers. In it he gives you the 411 on party invitations, party decorations, party food, hiring the party entertainment, and other details. We hope that it will prove helpful, no matter what type of event you are organizing.

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Thom's Party Planning Secrets: 3

Magician Thom Bliss Reveals His Secrets - For Planning a Great Birthday Party

Secret #3:
Keep it Simple

Don't plan an elaborate meal. Hotdogs, chips and punch or soda have always been big hits with the kids. Today, pizza has probably surpassed hot dogs and hamburgers in popularity. The kids like it and you can have it delivered, making the preparation almost null. But again, keep it simple - a single topping - cheese, sausage, or hamburger, is probably a better choice than a five- or ten-topping combo.

Remember, too, that, especially with the youngest kids, you are dealing with small appetites. Cut each slice of pizza in half before you serve it, or ask your neighborhood pizza parlor if they can cut the pizza into smaller pieces for you. You might also want to have some fresh fruit or carrot and celery sticks available.

     One of the great things about southern California is its great diversity. Over the years, we have enjoyed foods from many parts of the world. However, we believe that, whatever your ethnic or cultural background, the best party foods for kids are still hotdogs or pizza.

     If a number of adults will also be at the party, you might want to have two cuisines. Kid food for the kids, adult food for the adults. But don't make the adult food too elaborate, either. I suggest you order a deli platter (with a variety or meats and cheeses, several kinds of bread, and the usual condiments), so the adults can make their own sandwiches. The deli sections of most major supermarkets can supply you with this sort of platter, but you should give a day or two's advance notice. Of course, pizza and soda work well with many adults as well as the kids; and the adults might actually appreciate that five-topping pizza or ethnic food.

Themed paper plates, napkins, table covers, and decorations add to the fun. Many themes are available at your local party supply store or an online party store such as Birthday in a Box or Trixie's Party Store.

Tip #9

    A simple sheet cake, with the appropriate number of candles, some ice cream, and something for the kids to drink, is really all you need in the way of refreshments. You might even consider saving the big cake, with the candles, for a family time after the party, and serve cupcakes and ice cream cups at the party.

    If you want something fancier, a large cake, made from a mix or purchased from the grocery store or bakery, can be decorated with gumdrops, small suckers, or objects cut from construction paper. Beautiful cakes can be ordered from specialty bakeries and even some grocery stores. If you live or work in the Torrance area, you should check out the lovely cakes at King's Hawaiian Bakery and Restaurant.

More Party Planning Secrets
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Tired of the Birthday Hassles? Want To Do Something Fun, Exciting, and Unforgettable for Your Child's Birthday Party This Year?

"Who ordered the duck?"
Here's the secret recipe for an amazing, unforgettable, yet hassle-free birthday party:

Invite a few (or a lot) of your child's friends.

Serve some cake and ice cream.

Supervise the opening of the presents.

Have Thom Bliss take care of the rest.

Thom's goal is to not only make your party the coolest ever, but to make it happy and stress-free for you.

Thom will entertain the kids (and your adult guests) with kid-friendly music, hilarious clean comedy, amazing feats of magic, and wonderful balloon animals made especially for each child. Long after the cake and ice cream have been eaten – long after the toys have been broken – your child will remember the magic … and smile!

Thom can come to your house, community center, or the park - wherever you're having the party - and present his amazing magicomedy show. It's jam packed with magic, music, and laughter for your entire family!

Thom does tricks with colored silk handkerchiefs, a ring and a piece of rope, a balloon, even a magic hat!

Your child (age permitting) can be his special helper. Thom will even crown the birthday child King or Queen for the Day.

All of the kids have to help Thom when he can't find his pet rabbit, Trixie. And each child gets a balloon animal (or a hat, a flower, or a sword) made especially for him or her.

And if you select his Gold Package, Thom will even teach the kids a magic trick and give them the props needed to do the trick! Also included with the Gold Package is Thom's special beginners magic kit - the perfect gift for your aspiring magician

Don't miss the magic! Don't miss the fun! Thom's schedule fills up fast. Avoid disappointment by calling today. The magic number is 1-714-539-4259.

Thom Bliss's service area includes Beverly Hills (zip code 90210, 90211, 90212).

Magician's secrets to planning a party in Beverly Hills #4 - Make it easy On yourself
Beverly Hills party planning guide - How to hire a professional children's entertainer
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Magician's secrets to planning a party in Beverly Hills #4 - Make it easy On yourself
Beverly Hills party planning guide - How to hire a professional children's entertainer
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