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Magic Tricks You Can Do

     Magic is a wonderful hobby for any boy or girl. By learning to present some simple magic tricks, children can gain confidence and poise on their feet.  Of course, they can also have lots of fun! Here are a few magic tricks to get you or your child started. - Thom


    From an empty cereal box, you produce some silk handkerchiefs or other objects.

     Remove the top of a cereal box. Cut a neat hole in the back of the box. With some light cardboard, make a triangular box (Fig.1). Attach the secret box over the hole in the cereal box with tape or glue (Fig. 2). The secret box hinges into the box or out of it.

     Place the items you are going to produce in the secret compartment of the box.

     To do the trick, show the cereal box empty box holding your hand over the secret compartment as shown. Of course, you never show the back of the box!

Turn the box upright and reach into the top of the box, then into the secret compartment to produce the items you previously placed there.


     You count out four coins, placing them on a table. You gather up the coins, then place them on the table again. You now have five coins!
     Before you begin, secretly attach a coin to the underside of the table with a bit of soap or wax.
     Show the other four coins, counting them at the edge of the table. Be sure that everybody sees that your hands are empty.
     Use one hand to scoop the visible the coins into your other hand, which goes below the edge of the table to catch the coins. At the same time, use the hand below the table to release the hidden coin. Immediately make a fist around the coins. 

     After saying a few magic words or tapping your wand with a magic wand (or a pencil or pen), open your hand to show that you now have five coins!


    Four coins become eight.
     Before you start the trick, place four coins in the spine of a book. When the book is closed, the coins will not come out. Now open the book and place four coins in the book. As you slide the coins into your hand, the other four will join them.
     Close your hand. Make a magical gesture, then show that the four coins have become eight!


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“It was delightful to watch people catching each other with their mouths dropped open and their eyes registering awe, poking each other in the ribs and pointing, slapping their knees in delight and just generally laughing themselves off their seats.”

-- Judy Secor
Huntington Beach, California

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    All of Thom’s birthday party solutions provide a laughter-packed program magic, comedy, music, balloon sculpture and fun! Your child can be the star of the show. Thom will even crown your child “King for the Day” or “Queen for the Day.”

    Plus there’s tons of hilarious audience participation - without embarrassment to anyone! Every child (age permitting) gets to help out in some way, because kids don’t want to just sit and watch - they want to help make the magic happen! And the kids will be thrilled to help Thom make his little rabbit, Trixie, appear by magic! Thom also makes balloon animals (or hats, flowers, swords, or whatever) for all the kids!

    Don’t miss the magic! Don’t miss the fun! Thom’s schedule fills up fast. Avoid disappointment by calling today. The magic numbers are 714-539-4259 and 714-423-4398.

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Thom Bliss is a children's and family entertainer, magician, clean comedian, comic, balloon twister, and gospel magician, serving Anaheim, Anaheim Hills, Atwood, and most of southern California,
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